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Upgrading your wardrobe is probably the easiest thing you can do to instantly boost your overall appearance. Developing your own sense of style will make you stick out of the sea of mediocrely dressed men. I’ve selected these men’s fashion-items to help you develop a modern minimal style that is guaranteed to take your looks to the next level!


Every man needs a pair of quality leather boots in his closet! They’re just so versatile, you can literally wear them with almost anything: dress them up with dark-blue jeans and a button-down shirt, or go for the casual look by pairing them up with almost anything else! These boots are my go-to shoes for the colder months, since they not only look amazing, but they’re also extremely high-quality while being nice and cozy. I’ve found the brown ones to look better, but it really depends on your personal preference!

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on these shoes. They have a very modern and unique feel, and they just look really cool overall. These sneakers complement any casual modern outfit extremely well, since they don’t have that in your face look – despite being very unique! Also, it’s worth mentioning that these are by far my most comfortable pair of shoes…

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